We have now introduced our “One Page Checkout” to www.GSMsolutions.ie/shop

Designed with customer visual comfort in mind – compact, not too much cluttered, no surprises, just simple understandable checkout. 

Making a streamlined checkout process for our customers is finally complete!

Try it now: www.GSMsolutions.ie/shop

And to get you started heres 20% OFF code!
Just enter at check out for 20% off your order!

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The Irish Bitcoin Association appoints Roger Ver to the Board.

In addition to GSMsolutions Managing Director Alan Donohoe, The Irish Bitcoin Association has also appointed Roger Ver to the Board.


Roger Ver is one of the Founding members of the Bitcoin Foundation and is sometimes called Bitcoin Jesus. He is an an entrepreneur, investor and Bitcoin Pioneer. Is is also know for operating Bitcoinstore.com, MemoryDealers.com and BitInstant.com


The Bitcoin Association Board is comprised of distinguished individuals who have been of great service to our organisation or who we have wished to recognise for their furtherance of goals similar to those of Bitcoin Association. The Board provides advice as appropriate to the experience of Board members.

Visit the Irish Bitcoin Associations website:

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Going truly mobile by 2015!

Our market research show that 73% of people will use mobile phones instead of computer to access the internet by 2015

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We recommend you have 2 versions of your website, a mobile version, and a desktop version.

If you visit www.GSMsolutions.ie from your mobile phone it will be automatically directed to our mobile site or if you visit from a PC you will get the full version. TRY IT NOW!

If you need a website build or updated we recommend www.GetWeb.ie

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