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Original iSmart Grip Holder


The new stylish Original iSmart Grip Holder is what every driver needs!

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The new stylish iSmart Grip Holder is what every driver needs!

We in GSMsolutions have been using this product for a few days before we put it on the website for sdale, we must admit, its the best holder deisgn we have seen in quite a long time. Excellent quality and fits any phone perfectly. A must have for any driver.

This Universal iSmart Grip Holder is a wonderful & convenient design for all the drivers. It only needs a quick and easy installation, will works with almost any Smartphone or PDA or GPS devices. It is a smart buckle, Lightweight& Stress-free, just strap around the steering wheel or any perfect view angle without any tools within minutes, safe and secure!

Let's start a smart travel with this miraculous unique stylish bracket & holder!

Easy installation: No need extra tools, just a few seconds to finish it; The device won`t affect steering wheel cover installation. Made of wear-resistant and high tenacity eco-friendly material, can be used for a very long time.

The iSmart Grip Holder was originally designed as an iPhone, smartphone and mobil phone holder that securely fastens to the steering wheel, making phone calls and GPS/traffic use easier and safer.

The clip’s compact design is simple in comparison to windshield or other car cell phone mounts, making it the ideal cell phone accessory and the best iphone4 holder for travelers and people on the go. Keep your eyes on the road and hand on the steering wheel while it provides safe and easy access to your smartphone!

As more and more people use the iSmart Grip Holder we have found multiple uses outside the car, such as mounting it on shopping carts, baby strollers, beach umbrellas, exercise equipment and as a kickstand for viewing videos. Its is a simple and elegant solution to a common modern day problem of staying connected.

Ideal for taxi drivers or bus divers.

1. Very functional: Answering the phone calls when driving, Mobile phone navigation.

2. The clip is adjustable, fits just about any smart phone, large and small.

3. Safety: The device is highly compact with the steer wheel, can be moved freely, no security risk

4. Protection: The device is embedded with soft silicone pad, which protect your phone from scratching or gashing etc.

5. Elastic fixation design: With elastic fixation rubber band, the size of steer wheel won`t effect the installation.

Package contains:
iSmart Grip Holder x 1

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