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Huawei DeskTop Mobile Phone - SIM Free

A real mobile phone - but not as we know it.

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A real mobile phone - but not as we know it!

This mobile phone takes the shape of a normal desk phone, you simply pop your SIM card inside and it works like a standard mobile phone. With a built-in charging system, there is no need to buy an external one, thus saves money.

It solves communication interruptions caused by voltage fluctuation and power down problems through using internal removable backup LI-NI battery.
Great idea for anyone who doesn't want a fixed landline - especially if you've got a good cheap mobile phone deal. The Desktop Mobile Phone works on any network and uses a standard SIM card.

Unlike a handheld mobile phone the Desktop Mobile provides a fixed, permanent and accessible resource that can be shared between any work or family group at any location.

Even though you own a handheld mobile phone you probably prefer using your landline phone when you are in the office or at home so this is an ideal solution.The Desktop Mobile also provides an immediate backup for your telecommunications if for any reason your landline fails.

If, like 80% of the world’s population you don’t have access to landlines or are in locations where landlines are not feasible, then the Desktop Mobile provides you with a complete communications terminal within any appropriate mobile network.

+ TD-SCDMA and GSM seamless switching.
+ Realtime signal strength display, real electricity and real capacity display.
+ Write, send and receive messages functions.
+ Language : Chinese and English.
+ Alarm clock function.
+ Caller identification display, call recorder, handfree calls.
+ Call timing, call book function.
+ Support USIM / SIM card and fixed station call book backup function.
+ Settings: network type, phone setup, display settings, call settings.
+ Contextual model: normal mode, silent mode, outdoor mode.
+ Emergency call function; Attention: in case of emergency, you can use this telephone to call.

Good news: Works on all Irish & UK networks including O2, Vodafone, Meteor, Postfone, Tesco, 3, T-Mobile etc..

Industrial GSM module inside
Send & recieve SMS
Menu in English
Voice volume adjustable
Network management function
Internal LI-NI backup battery
Support English, Chinese and Spanish SMS
Display of dialing calls, incoming calls and missed calls
Preset local handset numbers and block numbers
Locking network, SIM card, and machine and card together
Preset local prefix and IP access number
High quality of talking voice
Battery talking time:2-3 hours, battery standby time: above 48 hours

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Package contains:
DeskTop Mobile phone x 1
Removable external antenna x 1
Charger x 1
Recharable battery x 1

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