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Sony PSP 3000 Replacement Battery

A replacement battery for your PSP Game Console

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A replacement battery for your PSP Game Console. Whether you just need a new battery because your old battery only lasts a short time or a spare for those long journeys and peace of mind - it's always a good idea to have a backup just in case.

PSP-3000 refers to the third version of Sony's PlayStation Portable hardware. This hardware revision changed the LCD screen to a brighter screen, thus the device because know as the "PSP Brite."

Some gamers avoided this version of the hardware, which is otherwise the same as the PSP-2000, because of reports of visible scan lines on the new screen when playing some games. Specific model numbers are as follows:

Compatible with:
Sony PSP 3000 models
Sony Playstation Portable 3000

Also compatible with these variant models:
PSP-3000 - Japan
PSP-3001 - North America
PSP-3002 - Australia/New Zealand
PSP-3003 - UK
PSP-3004 - Europe
PSP-3005 - Korea
PSP-3006 - Hong Kong/Singapore
PSP-3007 - Taiwan
PSP-3008 - Russia
PSP-3009 - China

Package contains:
Battery x 1