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Mains Charger (Type: ATADM10)

An extra or replacement charger for your phone. (Type: ATADM10)

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A 3 pin replacement mains charger for your mobile phone.

Compatible with 110V and 240V.
Lightweight and robust.
LED power indication.
Overload and surge protection.
CE approved.
3 pin

Compatible with the following models:
Samsung: C170, D520, D800, D820, D830, D840, D900, D900i, E250, E250i, E390, E420, E570, E590, E740, E780, E840, E870, E900, F300, i600, i620, i640, J600i, M300, P300, P310, SGH U300, U100, U600, U700, X530, X820, X830, Z400, Z510, Z540, Z560, Z720, ZV40 / P910 / P920 / S501i / S720i / S730i / T509 / T809 / U100 / U300 / U600 / U700 / V804 / X820 / X830 / Z150 / Z230 / Z370 / Z400 / Z510 / Z540 / Z560 / Z560v / Z630 / ZV40 / ZV60
This item may also be compatible with other models not listed.

Compatible part numbers:

Package contains: 
Mains Charger x 1

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