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Sharp XN-1DC30 USB Cable

A replacement cable for your Sharp mobile phone

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Fast and friendly USB high speed connection giving high data transfer speed, makes the cable a perfect tool for moving data between your phone and a PC.

Compatible with Sharp Cable Part number: XN-1DC30

Compatible with the following models:
770SH, 903, 703, 550SH, GX29, GX17, 902, GX30i, GX30, GX25, GX29, GX15, GX17, VS3, 550SH, 770SH, 880SH, 902SH, GX15, GX25, GX29, GX30, GX30i, GX40, SHARP, PANTECHPANTECH VS3, SHARP 550SH, SHARP 770SH, SHARP 880SH, SHARP 902SH, SHARP GX15, SHARP GX25, SHARP GX29, SHARP GX30, SHARP GX30i, SHARP GX40, SHARP, PANTECH

Also supports any other Sharp with the same connection as in the image.

Package contains
USB Cable x 1

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