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WHOLESALE - 50 - Metal Stylus Pen

OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE - A high quality METAL Smartphone & Tablet Stylus Pen lazer with the GSMsolutions brand. Buy in bulk and save yourself money.

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A high quality brushed texture aluminum alloy pen.

If you own an iPhone, iTouch, iPad or any tablet chances are that you know about the multi-touch display having been designed specifically for finger-inputs - no stylus needed. Multi-touch was marketed as a revolutionary new touch-screen display that would change the way we interact with touch-based devices.

But, if you just can't deal with all the finger-typing mistakes, the a stylus is the way to go.

This METAL stylus have a round rubber tip that allows it to work with smartphone and tablets, it basically replicates your finger tip. Random colour or red or black will be shipped. Excellent quality.

Lenght: 11CM

Package contains:
GSMsolutions Lazer etched Stylus pen x 50