PLEASE Vote “GSMsolutions” for the 2015 The Irish Times “BEST SPECIALIST SHOP”

PLEASE Vote “GSMsolutions” for the 2015 The Irish Times “BEST SPECIALIST SHOP”


We have come a long way in the last 15 years…


In the year 2000 we opened our first official office on Dublin’s O’ Connell Street. Back then it was still considered that mobile phone unlocking was in some way subversive or even illegal! The reaction was what one could expect from the big mobile phone network providers used to the philosophy of litigation by strangulation. Many letters followed and smoke poured from our fax machine for weeks. They demanded that we stop unlocking mobile phones. At first we were understandably a little bit cautious but this just pushed us to the next level and gave way for us to do some extensive research. After 100’s of telephone calls, emails and a few solicitors meetings later it allowed us to confirm what we knew from the start, that phone unlocking is perfectly legal under Irish and EU law and in most other countries.

We then began an advertising campaign on radio and business took off with a bang as we were the only company unlocking phones back then in Ireland.
At that time there was quite a lot of interest in the equipment used to unlock phones and thus a market was born. SHOP

Not wanting to put ourselves out of business we started selling unlocking equipment to just a few select shops and businesses around Ireland, and before we knew it phone unlocking exploded worldwide with every Tom, Dick and Harry unlocking phones. We needed to keep a step ahead of the game and we have done so by providing a professional guaranteed service backed up by experience and knowledge.
In 2002, we decided that unless we moved to a bigger premises on ground level we would find it hard to grow the business and attract new customers. We began searching for a suitable location. We knew for this to work we ideally needed a central location with reasonable over heads. We eventually found what was to be our base for the next 7 years. We opened our new repair centre on Dublin’s North Lotts just off the now famous Batchelors Walk and just seconds walk from O’ Connell St. The business began to flourish and we expanded our capabilities in all directions directly related to mobile phone and other popular electronic devices.



Having out grown our current location we began searching for a new premises around 2007, it wasn’t until mid 2009 that we found an ideal location. Some people thought we were mad to open a new store in the height of Irelands biggest recession, we didn’t listen and it became a success! It has taken nearly 2 years to get it off the ground until we finally settled on a premises on Dublins Abbey St. We knew for this to work we ideally needed a central location for the service centre which we eventually found. In July of that year the physical work began on our new store. It took huge investment and months of hard work until we finally opened the door to our new store on the 15th October 2009. VOTE HERE

Final word…

100% Irish – We pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient and professional service. Our mission is to simply delight and satisfy our customers with affordable, quick, high-quality repairs.


Its our staff and processes that help push our business forward, if we have helped you in some way over the years please take just 1 minute of your time to vote for us in the the 2015 The Irish Times “BEST SPECIALIST SHOP”

We really appreciate it.


Best Regards
The GSM Team.



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July 2015 – relaunches.

It all started with 24ct Gold Apple iPhones 4 years ago…

We are delighted to announce the re-lauch of
We provide a nationwide gold plating service for virtually any item. We specialise in plating of Apple iPhones, iPods and Jewellery.

We are located for your convenience on Upper Abbey St in our nations capital, Dublin City. We provide a nationwide plating service for virtually any item. We specialise in plating of Apple iPhones, iPods, Family heirlooms & Jewellery.


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NEW: Mobile Phone/Tablet DVD backup service.

We have heard it a 1000 times:

HELP ! I should of backup up my Phone.. i deleted everything, iCloud backup did not work.. my iPad died and i have lost all my pictures of my baby, i upgraded my phones software and deleted everything by accident….
Dont let this happen to you, Get your data backed up today!

















6/7 Upper Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Tel: 01 8728722

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Thur: 10am-8pm Sat: 12am-6pm

Company No: 249025 | VAT No: IE7474016W | Trademark No: 246691

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