NEW Official Merchandise – The GSMsolutions Battery Pack

NEW Official Merchandise – The GSMsolutions Battery Pack

The newly designed GSMsolutions brand battery pack has a sleek design, offers full-speed (high-current) charging which optimizes charging speed for whatever device you plug into it! It offers a greater charge capacity at a lower price than the competition, charges devices faster (and itself charges faster) than other batteries we tested, and is small enough to easily fit into a backpack or purse. After been asked by many customers we have finally got our own Power Bank manufactured and its now on sale:

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Hi Guys, I’m SuperPaddy! Born in Dublin, Ireland.

I am SuperPaddy, the most powerful super-hero in Ireland. From planet Earth i was born in Dublin, Ireland.


Hi Guys..

I was Raised with high moral ideals, i use my incredible strength, speed, flight and Electronic Repair Skills and other superpowers to bring the people of Ireland the best repair service possible and to fight evil and protect the innocent.

My civilian identity is TOP SECRET. I’ve been told i am a mild-mannered super hero, i am working for the famous GSMsolutions in Dublin. I am proud to be a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


My abilities gradually increased throughout my childhood, my parents raised me to use my powers to help the common man to achieve the best repair possible.

I, SuperPaddy remain proud of my dual Irish heritage, taking seriously the lessons of my parents. Although i am a Super Hero to this world, i heavily value my humanity, and i fight with conviction for truth, justice and honesty, I DO MY UTMOST to give you an exemplary repair service – particularly with Apple & Samsung devices!

(I wonder do they offer Michelin Stars for good super heros?…) This is what a customer asked me the other day in our Abbey Street Store) Seriously!

I am here to make your day wonderful 🙂 Just ask me anything related to what my company does, repairs etc.. and i will try make your dreams come through!

Thanks for reading guys, all the best, SuperPaddy 🙂

If you ever need help or advice simply with a repair just email me or click here to get in touch: