Irish firm GSMsolutions now pay staff in Bitcoin!

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Dublin based GSMsolutions has so far signed up 5 of its employees to accept Bitcoin as part of their wages and hope to convert the rest by the end of the year, making them Irelands first ever company to do so.

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When workers get paid in Bitcoins, sometimes businesses in the neighbourhood start accepting the currency – and that leads to more growth.


‘After some careful consideration we have decided to start paying staff members partly in Bitcoin”


“We look forward to when we can pay our local coffee shop in bitcoin during lunch. We set salaries in Euros, so that the Euro amount they get each pay period does not fluctuate with the price of bitcoin”


“We are currently integrating some Bitcoin Payroll API’s into our operations and hope to roll this out fully over the coming months”


“As a tech company we’re always striving to be on the cutting edge. As we are quite heavily involved in this area already, using digital money to pay our employees at a tech company just makes perfect sense, in my opinion.”

Says Alan Donohoe, Managing Director, GSMsolutions



A truly innovative development, allowing people to receive a small part of their salary in Bitcoin will only further its development as an genuine real world currency people and businesses want to both use and hold on to.

The bitcoin protocol is secured by cryptographic algorithms similar to those used by the banking industry, and it has withstood the scrutiny of crypto experts worldwide since its debut in 2008. Its the biggest advancement in the age of technology since the birth of the internet.

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