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If your reading this because you had to return a repair to GSMsolutions that has failed again, or have had dealing with a member of staff then has not fulfilled his/hers role as a dedicated customer service agent to bring you the best possible service GSMsolutions can offer we want to know.


The Customer Complaints Procedure is as follows:
Complaints must be submitted in writing. This form to facilitate you, is available in all our public offices. In all cases this form must be completed to facilitate your complaint or service request. They cannot be accepted verbally or by email.


The Customer Service Manager/s of GSM solutions will personally review all files on the matter and issue a decision within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint. However, in most cases you will normally have a response with within 48hours please allow up up 10 days for us to investigate the matter a compline recorded calls and various details required.

A WORD FROM THE MANAGER: Where a mistake has been made an apology and explanation will be offered and every effort will be made to rectify the matter. Where a complaint highlights that our processes or procedures are deficient, every effort will be made to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.


At GSMsolutions we have an average return rate of about 3%, down from about 12% over the last few years due to up-skilling and constant refinement of our processes and procedures, this in conjunction with the very latest equipment has reduced our return rate significantly. In real terms this means that for every 100 items we fix about 3 are returned by the customer – This is quite normal in this industry.

We understand that if you have your item repaired and it has broke again it can be quite frustrating. We want to say sorry firstly, secondly, even though we use the latest equipment, follow manufacturer repair guidelines and test your item after its been repaired – sometimes the item will break again.


A fuse on the circuit board could blow within the matter of hours of it been fixed, It can break while sitting in our store waiting to be picked-up, it can break the very next day.. This is just the nature of electronics. If this is the case you find yourself in we wholeheartedly apologise. I want to let you know that we always do our best to set a high standard for electronic repairs.

Under our warranty if we fix an item and the same fault occurs again because the part we have replaced has failed(we hope it does not) but if it does, we will do our utmost to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Simply bring it back to our store (if you haven’t done so already) within the warranty period and we will get it fixed, if the fault cannot be fixed – you will get a FULL REFUND under our terms and conditions.

PLEASE READ: As we are only human and mistakes do happen, i ask you to please CLICK HERE read this before submitting a complaint

This is part of our No Fix/No Fee Policy. So no matter how much time we put in, how many parts we replace, if we can’t fix it you don’t pay. If the exact same fault occurs while still under the warranty the unit will be fixed free of charge providing the fault is caused by failure of the same part we replaced. As a goodwill gesture, if your item is returned during of after the warranty with an unrelated fault we can fix at a mutually agreed charge if suitable. Also, just a little note to let you know that internal damaged or cracked glass or screens are not covered under warranty as this is classed as physical damage.

Making a complaint will not in any way affect any future dealings that you may have with us.
We are here to help resolve this matter so this wont happen to future customers


If you do wish to submit a complaint the form can be download here:

DOWNLOAD PDF FORM: Customer-Service-Form

NOTE: A customer complaint from can also be requested by telephone, email or in-store directly from the manager.





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