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(Free Electricity for the homeless in Ireland) is a new initiative been rolled out over the Q4 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. The idea first originated in New Zealand. The aim is to provide free electricity to the homeless by providing them with power banks to enable them to have some electricity to charge their mobile phone or other small electronic item while living on the street, given them an extra life line!


The power banks will be supplied to various homeless charities throughout Ireland and they in turn will distribute them to the most in need. The power banks will also be available for various outlets throughout Ireland.

People who receive a power bank can simply take it to the nearest participating retailer and exchange their empty power bank for a fully charged one or the business can simply charge it for the person! They of course can also get it charged from any helpful person.

The power banks can be sponsored and paid for by any ethical companies or any person looking to make a difference & wants to help in exchange for their logo or any message been imprinted on the power bank. Companies can also separately opt into to the initiative and offer free charging of the power bank, either full time, or on various days or hours when its conveient for that business. will take care of everything, manufacturing, logo printing and distribution to various participating charities or to one that the business nominates. The power bank sponsorship is now available to order online here



“We are incredibly grateful to for their generous contribution and help so far and bring this head to our attention. We trialed this in our Dublin store in late 2015 were we distributed power banks to many homeless people, the general feedback was very very positive. Having access to electricity is something that is often over looked, so we found a novel way to help those most in need while providing a entirely new way for companies to help.. (and of course build their brand) It’s very humbling to receive support from such a forward-thinking and proactive Irish business,” says Alan Donohoe. GSMsolutions MD”



According to Focus Ireland as of Dec 2015 there are 6525 people ‘officially classed as homeless’ in Ireland.

In this day and age is really hard to believe that some many people have no home, let alone access to electricity, particularly in Ireland., the small difference having a mobile phone can make for a person in need with no accommodation, its a life line!

Lets get the word out, share on your Facebook, Twitter, tell your family or friends, this is a very noble cause and it can really make a difference to a person well being.

Any community group, charities, businesses or those interested in assisting with this project are invited to contact us here or email for more details.

“SAOR” is an Irish word, which roughly translates to the English word “FREE”

Sponsorship is now open here, order online here.




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